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Abomination! Cleric says fathers can have sex with daughters



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A Muslim cleric has said fathers can have sex with their daughters, if such daughters are born out of wedlock.

The Salafist cleric says Islam allows sex and marriage between fathers and their illegitimate daughters, adding that such daughters are not officially attributed to their fathers.

Mazen Al-Sersawi, an Egyptian cleric said in a video that has gone viral but also roundly condemned. Al-Sersawi cites another prominent Muslim scholar, Imam Al-Shafi’I, who propagates same belief.

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Al-Sersawi, who teaches at the prestigious Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, claims Al-Shafi’I says a girl born in an adulterous relationship is ‘not really his daughter’.

Because an illegitimate daughter does not carry her father’s name, ‘she is not his daughter according to Sharia. She is not officially attributed to him’.

The video was made in 2012 but has recently resurfaced online.