Behold! How to use your brain effectively

Ediale Kingsley pens one letter that will change your life for good. Have you ever wondered how you would have treated your brain if it was to be carried around like a phone? Or have you ever thought about how expensive it could be if it were to be a manufactured product. Ediale teaches you how to use your brain effectively.

Read letter:

Dear You,

Society limits you. Tradition and culture can keep you in a spot. You are a product of everything society, tradition and culture teach you.

You grew up and became what society wanted you to become. You are ordinary because that’s what society wants you to be.

For instance, society says eat with a spoon. You obeyed. Society says when the hair grows, cut it. You obeyed.

And little by little our brains became conditioned. Now I want to teach you something. I hope you understand it. The greatest tools in your possession are not the smartphones, or other smart gadgets that aides your work or help you earn.

What are your greatest tools? They are the tools in your body. The ones God gave you. Your eyes, your legs, your body, your head are the best tools. And I dare say the greatest of them all has a room in the topmost part of your body — the brain.

The brain is a super tool. Unfortunately, it can be manipulated. It can be tamed. It can be controlled. It can be conditioned. It can be unused.

What is the condition of your brain?

Some brains are filled with rubbish. Some are empty and lazy. It’s unfortunate that we are most times unconscious of this big gadget in our head. Humans tend to take care of what they see. We are like that. What we do not see, we tend to forget and not factor into things.

You do not take care of your brain the way you ought to. I can bet you never ever reasoned your brain needed some care and work.

How could you ignore such a great weapon? Your brain is the most expensive part of your body. The most important asset you have.

I understand the heart pumps the blood. I know the blood supplies the life. But they all work for and by the brain.

We see our hair. We take care of it. We see our skin. So we get creams and apply so they look flawless. We don’t see our intestines and as such we really do not bother how it looks. And usually, don’t take care of it. Same thing we do with our brains.

We take care of our phones more than we do for our brains. I am writing this so you understand that you are a huge investment. You are self-sufficient. Stop depending on other people. If God wanted you to depend so much on others he would have created some of you without brains.

We would have had a situation where God gives only the husband for instance brain. So he can share with his immediate family. Or twins will come to this world having one brain.

Imagine how that would have affected PSquare now. Imagine it was Mr. P that had the brain in his head. And Rudeboy had to depend on him for thoughts and creativity. All we would have known about PSquare would just be dance and good looks.

The point is God gave every one us a brain so we would come and be all we can be. All the great stuff we can be. Of the brain was like a breast (I am talking about positioning). That is, if, for instance, the brain was hanging on our chest. Maybe we won’t always be mindless of it. We would be mindful of it.

But it was too precious to be hanging on our chest. It was too precious to be dangling between our thighs too. It is carefully positioned inside our skulls. Protected. But for most of us, it is just hiding there. It is wasting there. It is not charged. Not used.

Our brains determine if we are Superman or Superwoman. Start using it well today. Most of us have got to relearn. Others have got to learn and we need to keep learning.

All the best things in life come from our heads. Facebook was somewhere inside Mark’s head until he thought it out. You need to consult your head. Your head is not empty. The only problem is that it is overloaded with trash at times. Forget what your lesson and school teacher told you about life.

Stop doing things without processing it by your brain. Ask questions, find answers, reach inwards. Don’t conform. Don’t be a copy. Be original. Push out things from your head. My favorite words are STARTING and CREATIVITY.

Keep starting things, keep inventing, keep creating, stop stopping, start starting. Because you are creators. If I were to start a religion today. I will start a religious body known as Creatians. I will teach my followers that in the beginning, God created heaven and earth. He created man and then thought about how he needed to share HIMSELF amongst humans by living inside of them. So HE made HIMSELF brains and stayed in humans’ heads.

Thou art all Creatians. You will all die one day. Stop living life the useless way. Stop chasing things you can’t keep forever. Rather start creating things that will live long after you are gone. The white man values his brains. And sadly many black men rather worship their big penises.

We are where we are as humans today because some men depended on their big brains. The development, the science, the manufacturing, the productions, the invention are all thanks to special persons who used their brains.

Instaletters was in my head. If I didn’t reach for it. I’d never have found it. Now, I am so proud of finding it because I know where this is going. I haven’t really even started. I am just still rehearsing and testing. I kid you not.

I know people who are inspired and impacted by the existence of Instaletters. Same thing about that great invention in your head. It is there wasting away. You are scared of pushing it out. You are waiting for the ‘right time’ but time is ticking fast. You are waiting for the perfect time.

There is no such thing as a perfect time. Or at the right time. iPhone didn’t wait for the right time, they knew they will work their way to iPhone 100 (where are they now, iPhone 11?). Mark didn’t wait for the perfect time. He was waiting for the perfect time until he discovered he would be beaten to it by the Russian twins if he as much as delayed. And besides, there would always be an updated version so why wait.

Start now. Start from where you are. In 20 years’ time, it will be something awesome. Some of us do not understand what the world’s beginning is. Maybe we should learn from God. In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. Think about that for a moment.

That was God o. He was so proud of his creation that he wrote the epilogue about it. God was super pleased with the earth he created. But that earth had no internet. That earth had no cars and skyscrapers. In short when God was celebrating his work called Earth it had only two persons.

It was just water, bush and land with 2 humans and lots of animals in the air, water, and sea. That earth that God created a long time ago has long experienced growth and updates. So why do you want to have all the things in place before you start? Some of us are trying to create Earth 2020. Instead of creating Earth 0000 (that is, Earth the Beginning).

Some writers are still scared of pushing their thoughts out in a book. They are scared of grammatic errors. Some painters are waiting to start from their Monalisa project. You think the Shakespeares and Leonardo da Vincis of this world didn’t have a humble starting point?

Ronaldo didn’t start his career with a hat-trick? Messi’s first goal for Barca was canceled. Davido started as a video vixen for Mocheddar. WizKid wasn’t first introduced as a Star Boy. As a matter of fact, Banky W first announced him as his ‘retirement plan’. Ferrari and all these sweet fancy Mercedes didn’t exist when the Volkswagen Beetle car was created.

You will grow. You will evolve. You will need time. But first, you will start.

Your Start-Up spotter,



PS: When Living In Bondage first got shot there were no funds for equipment so they relied on using the available Home Cameras of low quality. They started from what they had which was a ‘good story’. Today see how Ramsey reproduces the updated version. And thanks to the early Creatians Nollywood started an industry from HOME VIDEOs.