Danbatta set NCC’s new agenda

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By Osifo Godfrey

The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communication Commission, Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta has called on players on the telecommunication industry, to maximize the power of information and communication technology to grow the nation’s economy.

This call was made during the International Conference in Lagos on Wednesday, while unveiling an 8-point agenda running through 2015 to 2020. The new agenda for the commission which is to promote innovation, investment and competition alongside Consumer empowerment is in line with President Mohammadu Buhari’s change mantra.

The EVC said the NCC agenda is anchored on Availability of Service; Accessibility of Service and Affordability of Service and should be seen as an ideological shift in creation of platforms for social benefit which will be targeted at the nation’s growth.

‘’the 8-point pillars rest on a tripod of ‘A’s which include Availability of service, Accessibility of Service and Affordability of Service in line with the Buhari Change agenda, an ideological shift in creation of structures for social benefits and inclusive for national development’’ he said.

While appreciating the fact that Knowledge has become the driver of the global economic growth, Prof. Danbatta said the creation of wealth through application of human knowledge and creativity is out pacing wealth through natural resources. ‘’this strategic vision 2015-2020 responds to this by setting out the foundations for future growth and competitiveness that will be sustainable and inclusive and would address our principal societal challenges as a nation’’ he added.