Disquiet as Germany builds CHRISLAM ‘House of One’ World Religion of Antichrist

There is emerging global disquiet over the preparation of Germany to build the House of One which would accommodate all religious belief systems in the world, including Christianity, Islam, traditional religions, and others, in one building. The emerging global religious order is beginning to generate skepticism of a drift towards ‘World Religion of AntiChrist’.

The German government has planned to lay the foundation stone of the House of One in Berlin on 27 May, which was said to mark the end of 10 years of planning and the beginning of about four years construction project. The House of One is construed in Germany as a new venture in interfaith cooperation and dialogue.

It was disclosed that the House of One which construction budget is €47 million was designed by Berlin architects, Kuehn Malvezzi. The architectural design indicate that the building will accommodate a church, a mosque and a synagogue, all channeled to a central meeting point. It was also emphasized that people of other faiths and denominations, and those of no faith, will be invited to events and discussions in the central meeting point.

Part of the controversies is that a new place of Chrislam worship is being contemplated to assemble Christians, Jews and Muslims under one roof; already described as a “churmosquagogue”.

It was disclosed that people were first alerted as far back as 2014 of the plans for the emergent religious edifice and systemic worship alterations.

Rick Warren was identified to have started Chrislam in 2008, and subsequently selling the idea to Pope Francis who, thereafter, officially entrenched the value system of Chrislam in Abu Dhabi in 2019.

Chrislam was referred to as a fulfillment of the Revelation on blasphemy against God, blaspheme of God’s name and his tabernacle. Then, they make war with the saints to overcome them.

It was argued that “Chrislam is the perfect end times hybrid for a coming time when hybrid humans and animals will populate this earth.

“It combines the counterfeit Christianity of Roman Catholicism, Islam and apostate Judaism, as well as incorporating atheists, Buddhists, and the entire pantheon of the New Age.”

It was further declared: “The ‘House of One’ in Berlin is a bookend to the Abrahamic Family House being built in Abu Dhabi.”

It was declared that it is being built in Berlin “because Germany led the charge in World War I (WWI), World War II (WWII) and will be center stage for the soon-coming World War III (WWIII). This is Chrislam, the One World Religion of Antichrist.”

It was disclosed that the House of One will be built on the site of St Peter’s church in Petriplatz, which was damaged during the Second World War and demolished in 1964 by the GDR authorities.

The German authorities had contemplated building a new church on the site when they discovered the foundation of the demolished church after the war.

“But we wanted to create a new kind of sacred building that mirrors Berlin today,” Stolte was cited to have said; adding: “The initiators are acting as placeholders. This is not a club for monotheistic religions – we want others to join us.”

It was revealed that the federal government and the state of Berlin have contributed €30 million to the construction of the project, while €9 million was realized from donations and fundraising. Platforms for more donations are anticipated to generate the remaining €8 million.

There is overarching fear that Germany may be setting the pace for a Third World War.


  1. The heart of men are continuously thinking evil. Their plans will never come to fruition as long as the saints are still here on earth.

  2. I thought Brazil was the HQ of Satan. That’s where the master computer appropriately named the
    Beast is, and where the laser already implanted in the Beas that will implant the chip in peoples hand, forehead etc. if accepted, and appropriately named the mark of the beast as revealed in Revelation’s.