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Estate residents raise alarm over owner’s unscrupulous conduct



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  • calls for lasg intervention

By Lanre Adesanya

The Rimax Estate Landlord Association (RELA) has urge the Lagos State Government to intervene in the alleged unscrupulous dealings of a land speculator, Chief Livinus Okwara who has been making life unbearable for those he legally sold lands to, having subjected them to all forms of oppressive treatments.

The stance of the affected resident landlords was communicated at a press briefing held in Meiran, Lagos.

According to them, Chief Livinus Okwara sold land to us on free hold from the portion of lands of closed down Rimax Institute, since we bought land from him we have no peace. He harasses us with thugs, singles out landlords that opposes his vicious, oppressive attitude and subject us to victimization and intimidation.

The RELA Chairman, Pastor Osazee Obazee with other affected neighbours, while addressing the press noted that various moves of Okwara has compromised health, security and well being of residents of the estate, as armed robbers unleash terror in the area,LAWMA vehicles could not assess  the environment to cart away waste generated not minding the attendant health implications and other life threatening situations.

“He uses letter head of Rimax institute of science and technology to write us letters of intimidation, he has often threatened to beat some of us up, himself and his co-horts have done that to me and even threatened to burn down the church building and the members with fire, Mrs. Olajobi a landlady was also threatened by his thugs early this month of August 2018, he call us occupiers.

“He close gates leading into the community at will thereby blocking the roads leading into the community, this couples the fact that access route into the community is narrow and water logged making vehicular movements difficult.

“LAWMA vehicles can’t enter the community to cart away refuse due to the permanent closure of the two major entrance approved as road by the Lagos State Government, by him two years not minding unexpected emergency that may arise.

“This is a community that has about eleven functional churches and about seventy-five landlords with tenants and family members, clean environment is non-existent, no drainage system ,there are bushes everywhere which serves as hide out to criminals and serpents make incursions into residents building.

“Recently he is turning the Estate into a market, the health hazard this would pose is unimaginable as well as other related problems inherent, he is pegging signboards showing the new Rimax market as there are no environmental impact assessment to weigh the consequence.”

However, in a telephone chat with Chief Okwara he noted that on the contrary the said closed roads is a ruse, as there are existing two access routes leading to the estate through which people can make in route.
“They have reported me to so many people,there are two access routes here and the alleged road is part of another person’s land, the fact that there church and properties are close to that road does not foreclose the fact that it falls within another man’s landed
property, I even like to know how you access the Estate?
“On the LAWMA matter I make bold to say that the refusal of the agency to pick their dirt was purely due to uncleared debts,it really has nothing to do with lack of road network.
“It is on record that at a particular time they were owing up to N450,000 and at some point I had to intervene, addressing the issue with some financial commitment before respite came, it is recurring again.

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