How a statement ‘Only Cows love Buhari, Buhari loves only Cows’ from a GEJ apologist started a war

It was war between President Mohammadu Buhari supporters and anti-APC or OBJ apologists as Nigerians from all parts of the nation locked horns upon a Facebook post that some tagged as derogatory and many agreed it was a hate speech.  Foluke Martins who has 5,043 friends on Facebook took to the social media app to express her thoughts about the President and his supporters. Her thoughts are not exactly pleasant and it attracted 422 comments from angry and cheering Nigerians. “Only Cows love Buhari and Buhari loves only Cows” was the Facebook post that caused the civil social war.

Some of the printable comments that piled under Funke Martin’s posts are:

Mosadoluwa Kadir Opeyemi’s Cow is worthy, Am proudly a cow; but what can we say about monkey wailers? They are worthless because they’ll remain in minority till buhari take Nigeria out of the calamity their paymaster left of us’

Salma Idris’s This hate speech and we should bear in mind that what goes around, comes around’

Oduye Olumuyiwa added, ‘Serious future loving Nigerians love Buhari.Only idiots will prefer Nigerian status quo.Mad people will not want a change for the rotten Nigeria’.

While AT Abdul posted, ‘If you say 80% of Nigerian are cow let it be so we agreed’.

 ‘Only stupid and corrupt people hate Buhari actually’ says Sam Abdulazeez. But he was replied by Olusola Bakare, who disagrees, ‘No, that not true. We supported, campaigned for and voted Buhari but whoever’s not angry at his handling of the herdsmen murdering Nigerians for cow is both evil and a stupid goat’

Other posts are;

Bolaji Ajimotokan’s Quite unfortunate as far as am concerned to make such a derogatory comment on PMB but it’s allowed not everyone can see goodness in sincere leadership if majority does it’s a blessing to the leader…Hitler had followers Mandela had critics’

Oluwatosin Ladipo’s ‘Pls explain what u understand as sincere leadership’

Bolaji Ajimotokan Oluwatosins Ladipo’s google or dictionary can help with the word…don’t owe you any explanation am so sorry

Jessica Chioma Nwadike’s ‘I can’t believe there are people that support the devilish acts that are going on’

Her posts still continue to attract comments even as at the time of this report. She’s had over 300 likes so far as well as 3 shares.

After her post had been well turned to a battle ring, Foluke had a new Facebook post “How humans turned cows is what I do not understand. How and when you lowered your standards to that of a cow because of your love for Bubu. I wouldn’t know. I’m afraid something is wrong somewhere. My last post was referring to cows if you feel that you have suddenly turned to cow sorry I cannot help you”. This time, she had Kunle Ogunade responding, “Underdeveloped status can make common sense an essential commodity. Imagine someone going out to hussle in the sun for a whole day and coming back home to darkness and no water or pool to deep self in so as to calm the nerves? How can such a person have common sense when the body and brain is under permanent high temperature? Join together with feeding on indomie and egg without good nutrients to help the brain. That will result into animalistic nature. Cow is a close animal to Nigerians…so? They can easily behave like cows…Fela said “Animal in human skin…”

This is not the first time President Buhari is being criticized for protecting the lives of the cows over that of Nigerians. “The Rise and Rise of Buhari’s Sacred Cows By Emmanuel Ugwu” sometime on the 28th of June, 2018 did talked about how Buhari has made celebrities out of the Myetti Allah nihilist. ‘He adores their barbaric lifestyle. Their crimes do not count with him. The more they extend their binge killing, the more star-struck he becomes’. That report said ‘Any way you slice it, President Muhammadu Buhari has created a caste of privileged untouchables in terrorist herdsmen. They are his sacred cows. They are free of the inhibition of law and order. They are at liberty to kill without let or hinderance’.

There was also another report with the headline ‘Buhari’s cows faring better than most Nigerians – Ex-lawmaker, Essien NduesoPublished’ published on December 14, 2017 By John Owen Nwachukwu. In that report Essien Ndueso, a former member of the House of Representatives and media aide to Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel, said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s cows are faring better than many Nigerians.

Foluke Martins is indeed riding on this line of thoughts together with the recent killings of Nigerians by Herdsmen. “When this was appropriate. Including placing GEJ inside a coffin. Here we are today. If I should ask the artist to replace Jona’s wife with Aisha some foolish people will come for me”, this is one of Foluke’s posts, reacting to contents of an anti-GEJ protests done during the Jonathan-Sambo administration.