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KANU: Archbishop taunts ‘weak’ IPOB leader for succumbing to woman bait



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As speculations rage on how the federal government captured IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu who jumped bail in 2017, and escaped to the UK, a clergyman has put forward a theory explaining leaders of struggles are still animals of passion.

The archbishop of Enugu Province, the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Most Rev Emmanuel Chukwuma, revealed how womanizing and tranquilizers were used to bring down the messiah of the coming Biafra Republic.

“Kanu is a weak leader,’ he said in Enugu on Tuesday, welcoming his arrest.

According to him, the IPOB leader played into the hands of Nigerian Intelligence Agency, who set him up with a woman, and drew him from London to Brazil, where he was arrested, and then tranquilized to the point of bringing him to Nigeria.

“That shows irresponsibility,” he said.

“How can a woman and tranquiliser be a way of catching you if you are really a very strong leader?”

He also wondered the kind of leader that deserted the struggle he led, and skipped out on Sen. Eyinnaya Abaribe who bet his shirt on Kanu when a federal high court granted him bail in 2017.

Kanu was standing trial for sedition, and the federal government detained him for 18 months until he had a surety in the now Senate minority leader.

But the IPOB leader escaped to the UK where he resides and holds another citizenship.

“’When he was abroad, he was instigating people to cause confusion. We warned him several times to stop that. We felt that if you are a leader and you are part of the problem of Nigeria, you should come down here, so we can discuss with others on how to solve the problem,” he said.

“I feel disappointed in him because they lured him out of London to Brazil with a woman. It’s a shame.”

Kanu was bundled in to Nigeria on Sunday, through the help of Interpol and Nigeria’s intelligence community, as AGF Abubakar Malami said.

And  the IPOB leader was brought before Justice Binta Nyako on Tuesday without his lawyer, arraigned for jumping bail.

He, however, spoke for himself, saying the court could not protect him when the military attacked his home in 2017, and he had to go underground.

Nyako adjourned his trial resumption to July 26, and committed him to the DSS custody.

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