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My husband says he’d rather feed dogs than me, woman tells court



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A divorce-seeking woman, Zuwaira Tasi’u, on Tuesday told a Sharia Court sitting in Magajin Gari, Kaduna State, that her husband said he would rather feed dogs than provide for her.

Tasi’u, who resides in Rigasa in Kaduna, made this known in her testimony in court.

”When my sister died, I took permission from my husband to visit my family in Kano. He also permitted to stay longer to assist my mother with house chores and other household activities.

”After spending two months and some days, he called and told me to remain where I was. He said he’d prefer to feed dogs than feed me again,” she said.

Tasi’u, after praying the court to ask her husband to confirm the status of their marriage, later also prayed for termination, saying that she can no longer live with him.

The defendant, Sulaiman Musa who also lives in Rigasa, told the court that he has not divorced his wife.

”She can move back in,” he said.

Musa, through his Counsel, A.A. Shariff, alleged that he permitted his wife to visit her family in Kano.

”I was told that she went to another village far from Kano after the condolence visit before coming back to Kaduna,” he said.

After listening to the couple, the judge, Murtala Nasir, directed the couple to invite their parents to resolve all issues amicably.

Nasir confirmed that Musa and Tasi’u were still married.

He adjourned the case until May 5 for report of settlement.