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NAF refutes bombing citizens’ targets in Zamfara



NAF's bombing of Niger Delta 'oil thieves'
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The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has refuted allegations that the Air Task Force for Operation Diran Mikiya deployed to bomb bandits settlements in Zamfara State missed targets and killed only innocent civilians and not bandits in their air strikes in the state.

NAF Director of Public Relations and Information, Air Commodore Ibikunle Daramola condemned in a statement posted on the NAF Facebook page on Friday, the Air Force described the reports as “ridiculous”.

Daramola explained that most of the locations attacked were within the Rugu, Sububu and Kagara Forests general area, which were known armed bandits’ hideouts that have been attacked in the past without any outcry.

He said that there are procedures involved before air strikes were carried out in identified locations to ensure that only targeted criminals were hit, noting that these were strictly adhered to in the operations.

The statement reads in part: “The NAF target selection process for air operations is particularly rigorous and methodical in order to ensure proper target identification and thereby prevent strikes on wrong locations.

“For the avoidance of doubts, the public is to please note that the locations attacked from 8 to 11 April, 2019 were selected based on human intelligence (HUMINT) reports obtained from security agencies and other government sources, traditional and community leaders as well as reliable, vetted informants.

“These were all further confirmed by days of detailed day and night Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions to ensure proper targeting for avoidance of collateral damage. To further ensure this, as standard practice, NAF attack aircraft on air interdiction missions are accompanied by ISR platforms that guide them to designated targets.”

The NAF PRO also explained that its pilots, by training and in line with extant Rules of Engagement (ROEs) for the operation, do not attack any location if it was observed that non-combatants, especially, women and children were present. He stated that the pilots would rather return to base with their munitions unexpended under such circumstance.

NAF argued that it was “inconceivable” that it would attack locations where innocent civilians reside and rejected the claims.

The Air Force protested that it was mischievous to “spread such deliberate misinformation”, while it was doing its best to effectively respond to the challenges facing the people of Zamfara State and its environs.

“Rather than making such spurious and unsubstantiated allegations, NAF requests that anyone with evidence to the effect that innocent civilians were targeted by the NAF air strikes should produce such evidence,” NAF stated.

The Air Force, however, vowed to remain committed to ensuring the safety and security of all Nigerians, as well as work in synergy with other security agencies to rid the north-west region of all criminal elements. Daramola assured that the Force would not be deterred but would sustain its air operations to facilitate a return to normalcy that would enable Nigerians in the area pursue their legitimate aspirations. He called on the people o0f the state to support the military operations in the efforts to clean the state of criminals.