Niger Delta Face Off: HOSTCOM Leader sued for peace

From PRINCE MONDAY WHISKEY,  Regional Editor, South South                  

The National Chairman of Host Communities of Nigeria Producing Oil & Gas (HOSTCOM) Prince Dr. Mike Emuh has sued for peace in the face of the current economic sabotage being carried out against Oil Installations in part of Delta State.

Dr. Emuh said HOSTCOM as a critical stakeholder in the Oil and Gas sector of the Nigeria economy sees the current happening as uncalled for and unnecessary moreso  when there are no known issues between the government of the day, the oil multinationals and the youth of the Niger Delta to warrant such ungodly attacks against sensitive national installations.
The HOSTCOM national leader said the General Muhammadu Buhari led administration must be given the needed support to captain the ship of the nation to a safe harbor, so that the very many promises of the federal government can be actualized and the democracy deliverables delivered to our people.
According to him, the Nigeria military should know that dialogues still remain a veritable tool at all times and in the current situation rather than beating the drum of war that will not do the nation any good.
In his words, “the Host Communities of Nigeria Producing oil and gas as a mouth piece of Oil Producing States, is in the struggle for the emancipation of the Host Communities, creating employment for our jobless youths, frustrate criminal tapping of crude for illegal refinery and protection of oil infrastructure in our lands through our neighborhood watched. Therefore, cannot afford to stand aloof while the economic mainstay of the nation is being grounded.”
Speaking further, Dr. Emuh urge all the parties concerned, known and unknown to urgently tow the part of peace and avoid any act inimical to the economic and peaceful survival of the Nigeria nation and her people.