Oyo lawmaker urges for patience with APC government in Oyo State

The Lawmaker representing Ido Consistuency in the Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon. Olalere Safiu has commended the APC government in the state, saying Governor Ajimobi has succeeded in giving hope to the people of the state.
Speaking with newsmen in Ibadan Hon. Olalere said Governor Ajimobi’s achievements in the office are unprecedented in the history of the state despite the fact that Oyo State is not financially buoyant.
While defending Ajimobi refusal to appoint political office older, the lawmaker said the Governor was trying to be careful and strategic in appointing people that will work with him.
He maintained that the political structure that will be put in place will be a structure that will favour the masses and the party. That is why the Governor is been careful over the issue of appointment.
He further stated that the Apc led government in the state will not appoint corrupt people that can jeopardize the achievements of this present administration. “In is word Governor Ajimobi is a man of Integrity that has the love of the masses at heart. All what we need is to demonstrate strong sense of commitment towards the growth of the state.”
The lawmaker urged the people of Oyo state to be patient with the Governor has he unfolds is developmental plans in the state.
Hon. Olalere also said that Apc is a party that will be fulfill all is electoral promises, he also solicited support for the present administration saying the government is working tirelessly to fix the state back to its past glory.