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Residents rush to cut cooking fish from dead whale off Atlantic coast in Bayelsa



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There was speedy rush of residents of Ijaw-Kiri community in Brass Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, to the Atlantic Coast to get a share of a massive whale washed off the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at the weekend.National Dailylearned that the whale was motionless and, therefore, presumed dead.

The residents of the renowned fishing community were said to have discovered the massive whale stretching the coast of the ocean helpless. They were said to have gone back and coming to the seaside with cutlasses, axes and knives to cut out a share of the ‘manner from the Atlantic’ for each household.

National Dailyalso learned that residents of neighboring communities of Odioma and Okpoama joined the ‘market’ for shares of the free sea food found in their ocean coast.

Residents were noticed standing on the gigantic whale cutting out different sizes for their household needs and reservations, while the blood of the whale spread over the water within the vicinity.

One of the residents was said to have rushed down with a carpentry instrument, saw, to ensure deep cuts and easier slicing of the ocean gift of the day.

National Dailylearned that fish sharing continued into the early days of the week since it has not been exhausted.

There was, unfortunately, no intervention to save the Whale from the slaughter of the communities. Perhaps, the ocean surge may have washed the Whale to the shallow water level that it can no longer swim when the residents of the community descended on it for domestic meals. Rolling back the Whale into deeper water level where it could regain momentum as observed in foreign countries might have saved the life of the sea creature.