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Squandering 9 months of goodwill



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I don’t know about you, but me(?) I’m getting to feel ‘one kind’. Not only is it showing more poignantly by the day that Sai Baba is not ready for this job but that he himself virtually raised his hands in surrender when, a week ago, he said in the UK “Why is it that it is when they have spent all the money, when they made the country insecure that I came?” thus suggesting cluelessness, our coination for somebody who had neither shoes nor school bag a few years back.

Yes, I’m a Class ‘A’ Buharist but Buharists of my ilk are certainly not the type that see white and call it black. This guy is just not on top of the game.

Imagine the kind of insult that all manner of idiots are beginning to haul at our President. As we speak, half of Lagos has not used public electricity for four days because, I understand, some striking workers of Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company chose to go on strike and they shut down public power ahead of the strike. In a country where the extant law against such deliberate sabotage on public power system prescribes several years of jail term, I’m not seeing those idiots cooling their feet in police cells let alone seeing them marched to jail upon prosecution.

Those at NNPC went on strike because, I’m told, they said Government did not consult them before taking one decision or the other. What kind of nonsense are all these? Workers saying Government did not consult them before taking decision? Haba! Could it be there is no government in place to deal with these irritants?

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A government that cannot deal decisively on minor issues of labour as these doesn’t strike me as one that can withstand the on-comimg onslaught of those powerful thieves who we expect to be put where they belong after diligent prosecution.

I didn’t even know we had two Ministers manning our Labour Ministry until Mr James Ocholi (may God bless his soul) died last Sunday. And yet only one person is holding three huge Ministries.

Bo, we might have had it again jare. I’m fed up with this “AJUWAYA, TOO SLOW ” kind of government.

I did a mental and cursory examination of Mr President’s frequent foreign trips and it just stared me in the face that in the absence of strategic reforms of our affairs at home, they amount to little, if anything.

All the goodwill we mobilised is drying out in our face. Don’t be surprised if, very soon, we start hearing ‘we were even better off during abacha time’.*culled from his Facebook wall.