‘Tutaabsoluta’, tomatoes deadly worm, strikes again

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– As scarcity persist

NATIONAL Daily reports that the current scarcity of tomatoes in the Nigeria markets may be due to the same worm, ‘Tuta Absuluta’ a deadly disease that attacked tomato farms last year. Reports reaching us say reliably that the worm has struck major farms in Kano and other parts of the Northern region of the country.

For three weeks now, tomato has become one of the most expensive farm produce in the Nigeria market and in some area it is totally not found in the market. A fruit goes about N70 to N100. As three fruits goes for N200, whereas, before now, over ten to 12 fruits was sold for N50.

In this vein, Tomato farmers in Bagwai, Kano has made a urgent call to government to intervene by tackling the worm infestation which eat up produce at their farms, as the pest attack posed a major threat to their businesses and livelihoods.

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A major tomato producer, Malam Lawan Abdullahi, who expressed concern over the quantity of tomatoes destroyed by the worms, said that most tomato farmers were devastated due to the losses incurred. He added that the farmers have been dealt with by these worms, stressing that without government intervention; many of the farmers will not have the capacity to grow tomatoes again.

Tuta Absoluta striking the second time, struck last year where Nigerians witnessed the same scarcity. Another farmer, Malam Muhammad Aliyu, described that attack as a disaster that was worse than the inferno witnessed at some markets in Kano and he appealed to wealthy individuals and the government to come to their aid as most of the farmers had lost everything.