Why Nigeria’ll continue to have people like Igboho, Kanu – Bishop

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The Anglican Bishop of Kaduna, Rt.Rev Timothy Yahaya has warned that people like Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu will always come up unless politicians redress the inequality in the country.

Bishop Yahaya who spoke in an interview said the Federal Government and other political leaders in the country should not pretend not to be aware of the many perceived injustices in the country.

“If we have a problem. Let’s acknowledge we have a problem and solve the problem. We shouldn’t pretend there’s no problem in Nigeria, a problem of marginalization, a problem of oppression, a problem of segregation, a problem of religious difference is a reality.

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“We must tell ourselves the truth. The country is deeply divided on religious and ethnicity lines. We are not more diverse than America. America has almost all the races of the world, and yet they live as a nation and they are very happy, and they are the giant of the world.

Bishop Yahaya, however pointed out that Nigeria’s diversity should have been its strength, but selfish politicians are using it to divide the country for their own selfish gains.

“People who are aggrieved in our nation should be invited by government to a discussion table, all the wars that have been fought in the entire history of humanity were resolved on a round table.

“I call on the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to remember that the oath he has taken in office, God will ask him to be responsible if he didn’t rise up to the occasion now.

“History will not forgive him. He may not be on the good side of history. If he does nothing. But if he does something, his name will be glorious in the annals of history. And I prayed before he leaves that Nigeria will be great again.

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The cleric lamented that it is only in Nigeria that money are voted for security, yet Nigerians are not safe.

According to him, money funds were set aside for the Safe School Initiative in the Northeast, yet many of the schools are being attacked with children being kidnapped on a daily basis.

 “So for me, the safe school initiative. The funds that were released for the project, where is the money? Why’re the schools not safe. It is only in Nigeria that you budget for safe initiatives safe school initiative, and it could become unsafe. So you find out that everything we budget for in this country are not working.

“The more you budget for power, the more darkness we have, the more you budget for security, and the more insecure we are, what kind of a nation are we, the next generation will not forgive us. If Schools are shut down. The only sure foundation for national growth and development is education, go and ask the Singaporeans.

“Go and ask Paul Kagame here in Africa, a man that took a country from ashes to glory. Today, can you compare the Rwanda with Nigeria?