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2023: Imumolen joins presidential race, pledges to tackle unemployment, poverty



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2023: Imumolen joins presidential race, pledges to tackle unemployment, poverty.

The Founder, Joint Professional Training Support International, Prof.Christopher Imumolen, has declared his intention to run for the 2023 presidential election.

The frontline academic and philanthropist, declaring his intention at a news conference in Abuja on Sunday, said he was out to address the`leadership deficit’ affecting the development of the nation over the years.

According to Imumolen, who is the Vice Chancellor, Global Wealth University, Togo, the leadership deficit, has been hugely responsible for the state of affairs in the country.

He stressed the need for new orientation in Nigeria ahead of the 2023 general elections.

“Nigeria needs a new kind of leadership. Things are not working here because there is a leadership challenge.

“I have travelled to many parts of this country and I can boldly say that we have all it takes to make our country one of the best in the world.

“We have been looked down upon for so many years and many other nations do not reckon much with the green passport.

“What we must do now is to work hard to ensure that our children do not go through the pains we have suffered already.

“We believe in our time, Nigeria will be a better place. Nigeria is rich but it is crippled because it is kept in the pockets of few connected individuals,” he said.

The entrepreneur, who pledged to change the fortunes of Nigeria for good, said that he possessed the required qualities and capacity to lead Nigeria to a level it could start competing with advanced nations of the world.

Imumolen, who attributed unemployment as one of the major causes of criminality threatening the peace of Nigeria, pledged to address the cause of insecurity and poverty if given the opportunity.


“How can a country prosper without adequate welfare for her citizens? How do we expect our country to be respected when we are seen and rightly so as the poverty capital of the world?,” he asked.

He called on Nigeria youths not to allow themselves to be used by selfish politicians in the 2023 general elections, saying “let’s us resolve never to travel the old path again.

“In 2023, let’s vote a leadership that will change this country for good so that all of us will be proud to call ourselves Nigerians. Nigeria will be great again,” he said.

Fielding question on the platform, he intends to run for the Office of the President, Imumolen said that the platform would be revealed soon.

“It is not about the party on which platform I will run. If you believe you cannot do it, you will leave room for those who can’t do it to hijack the process.

“Of course, I am going to run on the platform of a political party but that will be made known in due course,” he said.