After rejecting N5m, N3m offers, man who put himself up for sale ends up in Hisbah detention

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Aliyu Na Idris stretched his luck too thin.

He’s now answering questions before Kano’s Islamic police who took him off the streets after days of hawking himself.

Idris began his adverts in Kaduna where he said he could not make ends meet as a tailor, so he decided to offer himself for N20m.

The National Daily reported earlier how he claimed buyers offered N5m and N3m, but he rejected the offer and moved to Kano to bag a richer buyer. Idris was ready to ship out to order states if the Kano campaign didn’t jell out.

It didn’t

He was arrested by the state Hisbah police Tuesday night.

The Commander-General of Hisbah board, Sheik Harun Ibn-Sina, while confirming his arrest in an interview with BBC Pidgin said the young man was arrested because it is forbidden in Islam for one to sell himself.

“Yes we arrested him on Tuesday night and he spent the night with us but I haven’t interrogated him,” he said.