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Braithwaite’s legacies inspired my vision to work for the masses – Ambode



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 ... Late activist left indelible footprints for all to follow
Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State, this Thursday, eulogized the life and times of the late activist and foremost lawyer, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite. The governor remarked that Braithwaite had always been fascinated about his disposition towards the masses and the people of Nigeria.
Ambode, who spoke at the burial service, held in honour of late Braithwaite at Reverend Braithwaite Memorial Anglican Church, Epe, said he was a beneficiary of the kindness of the Braithwaite family, saying the late nationalist fought for good causes and for Nigerians throughout his lifetime.
“I never thought I would ever be a politician but I have always been very excited about the things Dr. Braithwaite used to propagate. It appears I have a personal connect around the issues that relate to people and to the masses. That is why we decided, on behalf of the good people of Lagos, that we must honour this very good man and to also immortalize him in a way that people can come to understand those who actually stood for true democracy and also fought for the masses but they never had the opportunity to do what it is that I have a chance to replicate,” Ambode declared
The Governor said that apart from the fact that Braithwaite was consistent and persistent in the fight to enthrone better society for all Nigerians, he was also a deeply religious man who contributed positively and immensely to the body of Christ.
He also recalled how the late activist started the campaign for positive change and egalitarian society long before the advent of the current administration which is known for its change mantra.
“I just want to encourage the family because we are celebrating and we know that those yet unborn will read about what Dr. Braithwaite actually stood for. He was a foremost lawyer, statesman and an activist. He spent all his life fighting good causes especially for the common man. He fought for what he believed in and he had strong conviction to be the voice of the voiceless and whatever it is that we are advocating as change today has actually been manifested from all the things he had preached about,” the governor highlighted.
“He was consistent and persistent in the fight to enthrone better society for all Nigerians. He was deeply religious and this church is one of his contributions. He has left good footprints on the sand of time for us, including myself to follow and his efforts will never be in vain,” the Ambode further said.
In his sermon, Bishop of Lagos Anglican Diocese, Most Reverend Adebola Ademowo, said that from the testimonies of people about the late Braithwaite, he sure led an impactful life and queried the congregation about what people would say as well concerning them.
Drawing his lessons from the book of Matthew 25: 14-21, Romans 12: 6 and 1 Peter 4:10, Ademowo said, Braithwaite never buried his talent but used it to fight against corruption, injustice and a system promoting mediocrity and criminal wealth.
The clergyman said Nigeria is a complex country with myriads of bad users of talents. He advocated that the national rebirth of the country must start with all through inculcation of virtues of selflessness, honesty, integrity, among others.

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