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Kelechi Agoha: Battle for freedom after two weeks in Police net



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  • Imo Police Commissioner declares detention by SARS illegal
  • Orders immediate release
Kelechi Agoha may have been going through nightmare in the detention of the Special Armed Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Imo State Police Command in the past two weeks. 
However, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, a renowned activist in the state, has taken over the battle for the freedom of Agoha from the enclave of the SARS.
The battled culminated into a petition to the Commissioner of Police, Imo State, Chris Ezike, by Samuelson Iwuoha dated 19th June,, 2017, the release of Agoha.
The Imo CP, on June 20, 2017, ordered the release of Agoha from the SARS cell.
Samuelson Iwuoha had protested that Police officers led by the Commander and the Investigating Police Officer (IPO), Mr. Uche, illegally detained an Innocent boy, Kelechi Agoha, for two weeks because of his inability to raise the sum of N30,000 to fulfill his bail condition at the Police Station, complaining that even when  bail is free.
The CP was said to have called the Commander on telephone, expressing his displeasure over his conduct in detaining an Innocent boy who committed no crime whatsoever. The CP, Chris Ezike, was said to have accordingly, ordered the Commander to release Kelechi Agoha without further delay, and to report to his office on Tuesday for explanation of his action.
The Commander, perhaps, afraid of disciplinary action, was gathered to have urgently called the IPO, Uche, and gave him the marching order to head straight to the SARS Office that night for the detainees release.
At the SARS Office, both the Commander and IPO Uche were said to have brought Agoha out from his detention cell and quickly asked him to dress up at about 9:14pm.
“Also, they called Kelechi Agoha’s father (Mr. John Agoha) on phone to come to the station to pick his son. But John Agoha informed the Commander and the IPO that he would not make it, as it was night and risky for him to do so,” Samuelson Iwuoha narrated.
Samuelson Iwuoha further narrated that: “The Commander, obviously aware that he is in trouble and so desperate to cover his …tracks, forced Kelechi Agoha out of the Police Command, gave him N500 for transport fare, and told Kelechi to find his way home.”
He added that, “after the release of Kelechi Agoha, the Commander and IPO, in the unfolding drama, also released six other illegal detainees;  the Commander gave them N500 each; led them to the security gate of the Imo State Police Command and pushed them out, asking them to find their ways. The time was about 9.50pm Tuesday night.”