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Lawmaker advises rededication to ideals of national development



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From DAPO SALAMI, Ibadan

THE lawmaker representing Oluyole State constituency in the Oyo State House of Assembly Hon. Abiodun Muyideen Wahab has predicted that Nigeria is destined to survive as one of the greatest and prosperous Nation of the World.

According to the Lawmaker most of the Countries that went through trying periods as currently being experienced by Nigeria usually emerge strong, united, prosperous, therefore maintained that the case of Nigeria will not be an exception.

Honourable Wahab urges Nigerians and the people of Oyo State to rededicate themselves to the ideals of National Development, unity and cohesion even in the face of obviously daunting Socio-economic challenges.

He further stated that with our given potentials and endowments in human, mineral and natural resource, Nigeria have no choice but to be in front line among the leading countries in the world.

He maintained that despite the prevailing National challenges of insecurity and corruption that is bedeviling the Nation Honourable Wahab expressed optimism that Nigeria will definitely overcome all this problems, advising the Federal Government to use stick and carrot approach in tackling the issue of Boko Haram menace.

According to the Lawmaker, Governments at all levels should focus more on agriculture because this will assist in reducing the high rate of unemployment in the country considering the fact that Nigeria can no longer rely on oil again because the price of crude oil is dropping on daily basis internationally.

He also advised the good people of Oyo State to be patient with the APC lead administration in the State maintaining that the 8 Assembly is not a rubberstamp of the executive in the State. He also assured the people of the State that APC will definitely fulfill all the promises they made to the people during their electioneering campaign assuring them, that things will soon change for good.

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