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Not Ronaldo, not Messi, not Pele but President George Weah: Mirror, mirror, who’s got the fairest CV of them all? 



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Won the Ballon d’Or, wore the captain’s band and coached the soccer team at the same time, became Uefa Champion’s league highest goal scorer in a season and was later democratically elected as  president of his nation. There’s no footballer with such a CV on the planet. Ediale Kingsley capture’s this moment in history and names it notable magic.
Quite often in history, the historical happens and it is noted as a thing worthy of record. George Weah is President, yeah it’s this kind of magical piece of event that I am talking about.
You know him, you are either old enough to see him lift the Balloon d’Or in 1995 as the first black soccer player. Or you are young enough to read him contest and lose Liberia’s presidency to she that became first black woman president(.Yeah, note the way the historical romances the fashionable records).
Liberia had initially rejected Mr. Weah for Sirleaf Johnson. Perhaps, after the trauma of civil war, its almost 5million citizens must have thought: “A woman is fitter to nurture in peace”.
So after fully utilizing a maximum two six-year terms in steering the country away from the dark past. It was time a tougher individual tackle the nation’s poverty.
And so, now in December, it’s clear who they have voted… The  AC Milan’s October-born Hall Of Fame icon is Presido.
From a slum in Monrovia to touring and playing at the highest level of European soccer. Weah soon became a world class phenomenon. He excelled under Arsene Wenger in Monaco. Before moving to PSG, where he scored several stunning goals and became the highest goal scorer in Champions League. He later went to AC Milan to win the Serie-A twice. To many who use to taunt ManCity fans about lack of greats and legends. Well, you may agree with me that having Weah’s Jersey in your museum as an ex player is something that adds color to the club’s history. Weah played for ManCity and also played on loan for Chelsea.
He has three children: George Weah Jr, Tita and Timothy. After a trial with Chelsea in 2013, Timothy signed with Paris Saint-Germain in 2015. He also plays for the United States at youth level.
Liberia has Muslims as the minority religion. Only 13% of the population are Muslims. Yet they can trust their new president elect who seem to have deliberately took an internship to study Muslim at some point of his life. It’s reported in his biography that he one time from being a Christian he became a Muslim and later converted back to Christianity.
Weah was born in October 1 and from the look of things it appears this month will now be remembered for two things. In a time when every soccer star wants to loud his personal records and achievement, old and new footballers are remembered for how many trophies they collected.
By extension, fans have been caught debating upon the flimsiest of comparisons as to how their player is better than his competition as it relates to how many career dribbles had or silver wear picked.
Wherever it will be raised as either a debate or CV scaling as it concerns Weah. Let the competitors or co-debaters be aware. That this African’s profile and all time wardrobe can stand its ground, side by side, among the greatest soccer stars of all time:
1x || UEFA Best Player in Europe,1995, Paris Saint-Germain.
3x || African Footballer of the Year. 1995, Paris Saint-Germain.1994,Paris Saint-Germain
1989, AS Monaco.
1x || FIFA Ballon d’Or.1995, Paris Saint-Germain.
1x || English FA Cup winner. 2000, FA Cup.
1x || Top scorer 94/95 UEFA Champions League – 8 Goals.
2x || Africa Cup participant. 2002,Liberia.1996, Liberia.
1x || French champion 93/94 Ligue1.
3x || French cup winner 94/95  Coupe de France. 92/93, Coupe de France. 90/9, Coupe de France.
1x || French league cup winner. 94/95, Coupe de la Ligue.
2x || Italian champion
 98/99,  Serie A. 95/96, Serie A

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