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Plane explodes mid-air, makes emergency landing in Mogadishu



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By Isaac Tersoo Agber

A passenger jet, believed to have taken off from the Balcad town of Somalia, has exploded mid-air, according to reports.

Cause of the explosion wasn’t confirmed but witnesses said a loud bang like a bomb was heard followed by flames, which left 2 passengers injured.

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Sources reported that the body of one passenger had fallen from the plane and was seen around Balcad town, Somalia.

Experts say if the explosion had happened in higher altitude, it would have been an explosive decompression.

It could have been a premature detonation of a bomb carried by a passenger, said security operatives.

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The details of the averted crash are still sketchy, even as the local authorities are still investigating the situation.

The plane was forced to land at Mogadishu airport, National Daily gathered.

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