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Sagay attacks AGF Malami



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Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption Itse Sagay has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to begin the immediate probe of Justice Minister/AGF Abubaka Malami.
The AGF under Senate probe for reinstating a wanted suspect Abdulrasheed Maina to the interior ministry went to court to seek an order stopping the probe. He lost, however.
Sagay said Malami’s role in the return of Maina was disappointing, adding the AGF was either naive or complicit and Aso Rock has got to act.
“As the attorney general, you met a fugitive who is wanted for a very heinous crime of depriving thousands of elderly people of their rights. You don’t, for any reason, go to hold discussions with such a personm” the law professor told the Punch.
“Your job should be to extradite and try him. He compromised himself by meeting with him. He says he didn’t write any letter regarding the reinstatement of Maina but the letter emanated from his ministry. So, let the President investigate the attorney general.”
But he agreed with Malami that the Senate was being overzealous by probing his role in the Maina scandal.
According to the SAN, the Senate is overzealous in its approach.
“It investigates everything and in the end, we hardly see anything. I think it is spending too much time setting up sub-committees to investigate everything.”
The Malami suit has been adjourned till Januaty 15 when the court will hear the defendant, the Senate.

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