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Ekiti APC guber aspirant condemns Fayose on Buhari, plan to poison water



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By Adewumi Ademiju, Ado Ekiti
An APC chieftain and a governorship aspirant in Ekiti State, Dr Adebayo Orire has condemned Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose over what he called the governor’s persistent and senseless criticism of President Muhammodu Buhari.
Orire, while speaking to National Daily in Ado Ekiti, described the governor’s act as encroaching on power boundary in the name of opposition.
Orire said: “Any well meaning, realistic, reasonable and mentally sound person would criticize Fayose, because he’s not acting the way a matured person should.
“Playing opposition to the extent of felony and treason, abusing somebody who is old enough to be your grand father, going to the outside world inciting the society against government is a sane opposition practice.
“What is more personal than saying some one would die. He should not limit himself to Nigeria, majority of people who. rule the world are between the ages of 60 and 80, that is where you have a bank of experience that is dependable.  “Maturity, sincerity, integrity, patience. Foresight would come to play.
“The governance is not for toddlers and all comers. As a governor, you dont just open your mouth and talk, because you should know it has a reverberating effects.
Writing letter to Chinese government is the cake of the insult. It is Treasonable Felony. The Governor should have been arrested.
“Governance is not an act of Kangaroo arrangement. Even there is legislative Process surrounding the recovered loots. So what is Fayose talking about.
 “This is democracy, occasionally you could get emotional, but in a normal country if a governor goes outside of the country to talk like that, he would be arrested before he comes back”
Orire stressed further on Fayose’s recent warning signal to Fulani herdsmen, by planning to poison Ekiti water to prevent the spread of arbitrary killings by the herdsmen to Ekiti. The APC Chieftain said,
“Everybody would go against the unruly attitude of the Fulani herdsmen, but poisoned water is. one of the ranting, superficial and empty talks of the governor. “There is no way you are going to poison water that people of Ekiti would not drink from it, you don’t know where the herds men could go. How many streams are you going to poison. He talks at times unprepared, so we have to excuse him”
The governorship aspirant, while lamenting on the present state of Ekiti said its high time for Ekiti to be taken away from penal level of livelihood.
Orire promised to give Ekiti modern age,if elected as governor in 2018.

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