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Ekweremadu: New kidney donor hits brickwall in family



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A day after the National Daily reported how she gushed in her pledge to donate one of her kidneys to Sonia Ekweremadu who needs one in London, Annastasia Olamma, a skit maker, has announced a snag.

At 24, she forgot to ask her own parents for permission to, in her own words, prove women can help women.

She’s now at the mercy of her family.

“I expected that initially because when my dad got to know about it, he wasn’t cool with the idea. He was like ‘you want to go and kill yourself’? Olamma wrote again on Facebook Wednesday.

To make it dramatic in Facebook Live streaming, she pleaded.

“My family, I know this thing might hurt you people, but please I am begging you. I wish to save somebody’s life. Pray for me so that nothing will happen to me. Pray for me so that the whole thing will go successfully,” she said.

Sonia has yet to respond openly to both promise and family drama the would-be donor just brought into the Ekweremadu kidney crisis.

But it may be disheartening, considering Sonia desperation for life that made her seek an outside, revealing none can help in her bloodline since kidney complication runs in the blood.

Some Nigerians have criticized Olamma for making a show of her good deed in the first place. Many believe she should have reached out privately to Sonia.

Sonia’s father and former Dep. Senate President Ike Ekweremadu has been in London police detention since the frst attempt to get a donor for her backfired.

He’s now facing trial for trafficking a 21-year-old, David Ukpo, for illegal organ harvesting.

He has denied it.