School children in Imo protest attack on Okorocha, warn Gov Uzodinma not to destroy their benefactor

Students of Rochas Okorocha International School last week took to the street protesting the attack on the former Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha, by Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State. The students of the International School funded by Senator Okorocha warned Uzodinma to desist from the attack on their proprietor and provider and concentrate on the governance and development of Imo State.

The students in their mass action displayed placards cautioning Governor Uzodinma not to kill the source of livelihood of millions of children across the country who are surviving on the humanitarian gestures of Okorocha. They insisted that any harm on Okorocha is a harm on over one million children.

“don’t hurt our Daddy”; “don’t kill free education, kill not our dreams”; “Don’t close our school, we are Imo children”; “If you kill Daddy Okorocha, you have killed us”, the children warned Governor Uzodinma as they displayed their placards in their protest. The Imo governor is at war with Senator Okorocha and using the state executive powers at his behest to torment the former governor and even dispossess him of his property under the guise of fighting corruption in Imo State.