Senate Presidency: Ndume loses 99 out of 109 senators

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APC’s Sen. Ahmed Lawan gunning for the Senate presidency has got over 61 of his colleagues in the APC behind him in readiness for the June 11 election.

Lawan said this on Saturday while his campaign organization was reading out the list of endorsements.

Only two out of the 63 APC senators-elect have yet to endorse him.

Basically, his rival and APC Sen. Ali Ndume has just one backer from his own party.

Lawan also said about 38 Peoples Democratic Party senators-elect out of 44 have promised to vote for him.

The National Daily gathered that the  only senator from the Young Progressives Party,  Ifeanyi Uba, has equally signed the list.

While the odds refuse to be in his favour,  Ndume is still forging ahead to contest the Senate topmost seat with Lawan.