Sick Buhari jets out to London to consult ENT experts

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Twitter handler has announced the president will fly out to London Monday to seek medical help for his infected ear—and to take some rest.

The break, the second in the last one year, will last 10 days.

“During the holiday, the President will see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist for a persistent ear infection,” the aide tweeted yesterday.

“The President was examined by his personal physician and an E.N.T Specialist in Abuja and was treated.  Both Nigerian doctors recommended further evaluation purely as a precaution.”

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Buhari came down with Ménière’s disease weeks ago when he was unable to make a working visit to Lagos during the state’s 50th anniversary. He was unable to tee-off the Ogoniland clean-up in Rivers last week for a similar reason.

Meniere has no known cause according to medical experts. But it affects the victim’s membranous labyrinth (cochlea), leading to loss of balance, and persistent rumbling . Other than that, the disease doesn’t affect the overall health of the victim.

Some experts, however, link it with high blood pressure and old age.

There are report quoting Aso Rock sources that confirmed the president is becoming hard of hearing, and people talking to him will have to repeat themselves.