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Zero calories | yay or nay?



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Hi guys, so sorry for the long wait, but I’m back! Diving straight in, today’s post was inspired by my immediate environment i.e. close friends and loved loves perceived perception of their dietary plans. Often times, for falling off track or cheating so many times during the week, this statement…..“I had this product, at least, it was ZERO CALORIES.” The above statement makes them feel less guilty about their bad eating, but many do not understand how calories work per se. Most importantly, the nutritional composition of their food.

For a comprehensive analysis, take for example the classic Coca-Cola brand and its variations; diet coke and coke zero. Before now, we all knew of the original, regular coke with real sugar, although an enormous amount in a small soda bottle. The other variables contain artificial sweeteners which are sugar free, chemically made and do not have any calories. Diet and zero coke have sugar substitute as an ingredient along with the unhealthy stuffs added to make this formulated dark-colored syrupy drink loved by mankind all over the world.

Know_About_Sugar_Coca_Cola For those confused, diet coke and coke zero are both made with the same sweeteners i.e. aspartame and acesulfame-K (potassium). They are both very similar but differ by taste. Although these two artificially-sweetened Coca-Cola beverages contain zero calories, the original Coca-Cola has 140 calories with 39g of sugar (equivalent to 10 teaspoon) for a 12 oz (355 ml) bottle.

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Did you know that consumption of sugar free products trigger sugar cravings, thereby making you ‘fat’ regardless of the zero calories? However, the fact that these sugar substitutes are not naturally derived further question the authenticity of what we ingest.

So, the golden question is should you or not partake in zero calorie foods? Truthfully, it is up to you now that you’re empowered with information pertaining to calories and nutrition. Clearly, I will say to stick to the real stuffs that you know. Real sugar over sweeteners!! But at the same time, watch the sweet tooth cravings, guys. There are much better options than sodas and sugary foods.


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