Our fans need to be more patient – Kano Pillars 

Rio Olympic U 23 squad and Kano Pillars  Goal Stopper, Yusuf Muhammed spoke with National Daily recently he talked about the game and what the fans should expect next season with Esther Egbe.
Yusuf, you were in goal when your team lost at home against Akwa United, how did you feel about the loss?
I feel bad as a player but that’s game for you. Not happy, but we just have to pray for a good one next time.I  really feel bad because it was just one goal that made the difference, we don’t want to lose but we lost at the end. I really feel bad.
Can you pinpoint what actually contributed to that defeat to Akwa United in front of your football loving fan?
Is just game, its not that Akwa United played better than us is just that they were lucky that day.We lost concentration and we conceded that goal that made the difference. It’s just a game and anything can happen. We lost not because they were better than us but because they were lucky that day.
How do you rate the behavior of your fans this season? Did u think they did the right thing by attacking referees?
No, they did not do the right thing they were just carried away because they were not satisfied with the officiating and their reaction was not the best way.
Your advice to them (your fans)
Yap, they should just be patient everything will be back to track and we need their support and prayer
Your next match is against Niger Tornadoes at Lokoja, how are u looking up to this game and what’s the spirit like in the Camp of pillars?
Yes, we lost at home but that does not kill our spirit as I said earlier Akwa United were just lucky, we will try to make up for that loss in Lokoja.
Its a game of football, If Akwa can beat us at home we can beat Tornadoes at home as well. The spirit in the camp is high. Coaches, players are ready for this game and will surely get something from this match.
How do you rate your team so far, you have 2 more games before the end of the first round and your team is sitting in 11th position with 24 points, do u think your team has done well so far this season?
Yes, I could remember the year we won the second NPFL trophy we were in 13th position but when we decide to make things work at the end of the season we lifted the trophy. So it’s not a new thing.
Though we are not happy with the position we are now but I tell you things will turn to the right track. We have not done too well and not too bad as well
You have just this season left for your contract to end with Kano Pillars and we are aware that plethora of clubs are willing to have you on their team, do u have any plan to leave Pillars at the end of the season?
Yes, that’s true, I have until the end of the season. Some clubs have been asking me for my service but everything is in God’s hand. Let’s see until the end of the season if it is the will of God for me to renew my contract with Kano Pillars, I will and if it is not let the will of the Almighty Allah take charge.Kano Pillars is a super club. I have been with them since I started my professional career. I have not decided whether to go or to stay but let’s see how it goes at the end of the season.
Lastly, before I allow you to go, Can you tell us your memorable moment with Kano Pillars, as in the moment that you can never forget?
Yes, my memorable moment that I  will never forget is the first year  I won the trophy with Kano Pillars. I was like wow!  I won the Nigeria Premier League
What year was that?
It was 2010/11. I think that’s the second time Pillars won the trophy.
What area would you want your club to fortify during this mid-season break?
That’s the work of the coach and management.I  don’t think we lack anything, we just need more commitment in the team. We need to put heads together and work to achieve our goals.