Yakassai blasts Buhari over ministerial list of corruption

An elder statesman and a prominent leader in northern Nigeria, Alhaji Tanko Yakassai, has blasted President Muhammadu Buhari over the ministerial list being sent to the Senate on Tuesday for confirmation; chiding the president that the nominations portray as an affront on the anti-corruption war of the administration.

National Dailylearned that Yakassai in a media interaction noted that the delay in releasing the list of ministerial nominees was unnecessary since some the nominees were ministers in the first tenure.

The elder statesman was cited to have declared;  “The new ministerial list submitted by the President to the Senate is representative enough, but the nomination of certain people perceived to be fantastically corrupt made mockery of the President’s war against corruption.

“The fact that returnees are many means the policy of the new government will not be much different from that of the outgoing.

“My only observation is that since majority of the nominees are already known to the President… his delay in submitting ministerial nomination is unjustifiable.”