This story will make you cry: Lady looks beyond her condition to motivate others


Ediale Kingsley (National Daily’s sports and entertainment desk head) brings another heart touching story. And hopes you can share as well as add a word of encouragement. As we share, this will bring some form of energy to every renal patient out there.

“Today I woke up a bit brave and swollen, so I thought I should share my bravery with other kidney warriors who may need to see or hear this. This is how I woke up today, swollen face, swollen tummy and feet”

This is the voice of a lady who has been living with kidney disease for 24 years now. She’s currently on hemodialysis and previously was on PD and has had a transplant before.

She said, “I’ve had all sorts of complications, anemia, hypertension, calcium deficiency, hernia, ovarian cyst, oversized spleen, a leaking heart valve, chronic bone pain, peritonitis, renal blockages, knee reconstruction surgeries, and a failed transplant. All of that comes with anxiety, feeling worthless, depression, suicidal thoughts and a whole lot of scars that cause insecurities”

This is what other renal patients have to go through.

She explains that when living with a chronic illness it’s easy to compare yourself to normal healthy peers and think you’re not accomplishing enough, but “we have to remember that we struggle in ways they’ve never experienced and shouldn’t be hard on ourselves”.

She urges that, “we have to remember that everyone is on their own unique journey, everyone deals with their own kind of pain and maybe we were chosen to fight this battle because we are stronger?!”

“I don’t know, all I know is that I’ve been tested in so many different ways, having to go through all this without my mom and dad, struggling to get a donor and almost impossible to get a job because I have to be at the hospital every second day of my life”.

About where are strengths comes from:

“It’s really hard I won’t lie but I’ve found refuge in Christ, which helps a lot. I’ve found ways to deal with some of the things that happen. I’ve accepted most things, and each and everyday I try to be positive and spread positivity wherever I can. ”

She encourages other persons in the battle:

“Renal patients, we are Warriors! Fight! Stay strong! Educate yourself more! Trust in the Lord and be positive! That’s all we can really do. Feeling very ugly this morning, but there’s smile on my face”